Our paid Pro subscriptions are administered and managed by your phone's platform. As a consequence, they control the customer billing and invoicing functions for all apps with in-app purchase and paid subscription options (such as Ripl Pro).

Within the Ripl app, the Ripl Menu provides you the option to directly access your account where you can cancel your Pro subscription. 

To access the Manage Subscriptions page within the Ripl app and begin the Pro cancellation process:

  1. Open the Ripl app and tap the Menu icon in the upper left corner of the Home screen
  2. Click “Ripl Pro Settings”
  3. Click the “Manage Your Ripl Pro Subscription / Manage Subscription Settings” at the bottom of the list to open the subscriptions management screen and cancel your subscription

Your subscription will end when the current subscription period expires. Once your subscription ends you will no longer be able to use any Pro designs you previously downloaded. However, your previously created Ripl animated posts will still be active.

Please note, we recommend turning off Automatic Renewal more than 24 hours before your renewal date because your phone's platform controls the billing payment and your subscription may renew at any point during the 24 hour period prior to your renewal date.

*Note - Pricing varies based on location. 

For additional information on cancelling your subscription, please see this article: What if I decide to cancel?