You can change your connected social media account (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)  by first clicking on the Ripl Menu in the top left corner of the home screen, then selecting the "Account Settings" menu item. On this page you should see the option to disconnect your social account. Tap "Disconnect" for the the account you want to disconnect and say "Yes" when prompted to disconnect. 

To successfully connect to a different account, you need to make sure to fully disconnect:

  • Disconnect the account in the Ripl app as described above
  • Log out of that account in your mobile web browser

Once you have logged out in those places, you can go back to your Ripl Account Settings and connect the right account. If prompted to authorize permissions for Ripl, say "Yes" to allow posts.

You can connect any Facebook pages associated with the Facebook account connected and as many Instagram or Twitter accounts as you'd like.