Our posts are optimized for mobile devices, which means we are constantly balancing file size with quality. Improving the post quality without compromising upload/download speeds is definitely something we are always working on. Currently we output animations at 640 by 640px. 

Facebook compresses videos in order to optimize them for mobile viewing. Most people are happy with the video quality when it is saved in their camera roll or posted to Instagram, but notice a decrease in quality on Facebook. Unfortunately we can't control this, but there are a couple of things you can do to improve the quality.

If you upload your Ripl video to Facebook from within the Ripl app, we will always upload in HD. If you choose to manually upload your videos to Facebook, you may want to adjust your video upload settings in Facebook to HD. 

Make sure to change the video view setting to HD. From your phone you will need to do it on a post-by-post basis by tapping the HD setting in the bottom right corner of each post. 

This video will walk you through HD viewing on Facebook