The Ripl mobile application is completely free to download and includes access to 7 free designs, as well as 3 Ripl Pro designs that rotate weekly which can be found in the Ripl Pro Design Catalog. Each free design has a selection of music tracks you can use royalty-free. You can quickly create animated social media posts and customize them to align to the look and feel of your business or organization.

Ripl Pro is a subscription-based 'add-on' service that unlocks many premium features and additional functionality within the app. Those who choose to subscribe to the Pro subscription service gain the following features: the ability to substitute their own logo in to each post; access to our Ripl Pro Design Catalog and Music Library; a post scheduling feature which allows you to reach your customers at the optimal time; and the ability to save your posts to your phone so you can send them out on additional networks or using other social media management or digital publishing apps. 

Ripl Pro is a subscription plan available in the Ripl app for the price of $9.99 (plus any applicable tax) per month. Prices vary for customers outside the United States. When you purchase Ripl Pro, your phone's platform will display your purchase price and renewal date.

For more information on Ripl Pro subscription features and advantages, please see this article: Why do I need Ripl Pro?