Ripl was created to empower every small business owner to build an amazing brand. We made the Ripl app simple, quick and intuitive because business tools should do the work for you, not make more work for you.

Ripl is a mobile app that helps you create eye-catching videos to market your business. You can choose from 200+ animated designs to easily create posts that fit your unique brand. You can add your photo(s) and text, choose a design template, customize the post for your business, and share in one tap to your social media accounts. Ripl tracks your engagements (clicks, likes, comments) and helps you reach your goals.

Ripl is free to download and includes an assortment of free designs. Additionally, we offer Ripl Pro—a paid subscription that offers more designs, more music options, logo and brand customizations, scheduling features and more.

Ripl is currently available for use on iPhones/iPads running iOS 9 or later and Android devices running 6.0 or higher.

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