You can edit or re-share a post by tapping on the post on your Ripl home screen, which launches a detailed view of your post. At the bottom, you will see the option to edit and re-share your post (pencil icon on the left). Tap the pencil icon to open the post in the "Customize Layout" screen where you can update images, text, music and other features. You can simply double-tap any photos or text to edit. Once the design is as you like, tap ">" in the upper right corner to go to the final share screen and share. 

Please note that editing and re-sharing your post does not edit past posts already on social media. To change past posts, you need to delete the post on the social media site and repost.

This video demonstrates how to edit and re-share posts. Since the video was filmed, we changed the icon to increase its discoverability. The video still shows the older icon, but the process for edit and re-share is the same. The new pencil icon is shown below.