Ripl Pro is a set of extra tools and features designed for people who own or manage small businesses, or run their own business online.

It includes:

  • Unlimited access to our Pro Design Catalog - new designs added weekly
  • Unlimited access to our Ripl Pro Music Library and the ability to add custom personal music to your creations
  • Unlimited access to our Ripl Pro Font Library with hundreds of fonts for you to choose from
  • The ability to upload a custom logo, allowing you to easily brand your posts
  • Post scheduling, so posts will always go out at the best time regardless of your schedule
  • The option to save posts to your phone's Camera Roll, to use outside of social media posts

Ripl Pro is a subscription plan available in the Ripl app for the price of $9.99 per month or $59.99 annually. Prices vary for customers outside the United States.

We plan to add more features for all Ripl Pro members in the future. If there's something you'd like to see added, send your idea our way at and we'll do our best to make it happen.  

To become a Ripl Pro member, go to the menu of the app and click "Upgrade to Ripl Pro." Below are screenshots of the purchasing prompt and your Ripl Pro settings, where you will find the link to where you can manage your subscription.

For more information on purchasing our annual renewal option see: Annual Option



*Note - Our Android Beta version includes different Ripl Pro features. As we continue to expand, we plan to have the same features in both versions of Ripl. Stay tuned!