Hiding the Ripl logo and adding a custom logo is a Ripl Pro feature. When you first upgrade to Ripl Pro, you'll be asked if you want to upload a custom logo. If you choose to not upload at that time, you can still update your logo at any time in your "Business Profile Settings" in the Ripl menu (see screenshot below) or on a post-by-post basis by tapping the logo on the "Customize" screen.

In your Business Profile Settings, there is also a toggle switch to display or hide your logo in your posts. If you opt to include your custom logo, you can still hide it on an individual post by clicking your logo in that post and following the prompts to hide your logo for that post.

Business Profile Settings - Custom Logo Options




If you are trying to upload a PNG with a transparent background there is an issue in more recent versions of iOS. When you import photos using iTunes import/sync or iCloud sync, it converts your transparent PNG file to a non-transparent JPG file. We have reported this to Apple. Until they fix this issue, here are some workarounds: 

  • Email the logo to yourself and download from there
  • Use AirDrop
  • Download your PNG images from a web link to get the transparent PNG file onto your device rather then sharing through iPhotos

For more information on updating your logo, see the video below.