The ability to schedule your post to send at an optimal time is a Ripl Pro feature. After you've crafted your post and are ready to share, you'll be taken to the final "Share" screen where you can add your caption, relevant hashtags, and select where you want to share your creation. 

In the lower left corner of this screen, you'll see a calendar icon with a clock. This is the scheduling icon. Follow these steps to schedule: 

  1. Tap the calendar icon and a scheduler screen with dates and times will load.
  2. Select the date and time to schedule your post. Select the 'Save' button to save that scheduled date and time.
  3. Verify the scheduled date and time are correct in a gray banner that will appear above the "Share to:" icons. If it's wrong, you can click the calendar icon to update the date and time and Save.
  4. Tap the turquoise icon in the top right corner (now reads "Schedule")  and your post will be submitted at that date and time.

Note: Instagram, does not allow apps to post on your behalf. Any posts to Facebook or Twitter are posted on your behalf when you schedule them. However, if you schedule a post to go to Instagram, we will send you a notification at your scheduled time to remind you to complete the post. If you have notifications turned off, you won't see this prompt!

We copy the caption you entered in Ripl, so simply tap the notification to open Ripl, then "launch Instagram" and you'll be taken directly to the posting screen in Instagram. Double tap to paste your caption and complete your post. If you manage multiple Instagram accounts, be sure you're in the correct account prior to posting.  

For more information on Ripl Pro, check out this article: What is Ripl Pro?