You can share your Ripl animations directly to any Facebook Pages associated with your connected Facebook profile. A Facebook Page is a public profile specifically created for businesses, brands, celebrities, causes, and other organizations. People can like this page but it doesn't gain friends like a Facebook profile. 

Your personal Facebook account needs to be designated as an Admin or have publishing rights in Facebook for us to display connected Pages. Because posting content to a Facebook Page is different from posting to a personal profile, you must ensure that you select the specific Facebook Page on the "share" screen in Ripl.

After you've created your post on the final share screen, tap the plus button ("+") next to "share to:" displayed above the keyboard. This will show a list of social media network options. If your connected personal Facebook account is associated as an Admin with one or more Facebook Pages, you should see all the Pages you manage in the "share to" list. 

Tap to select the Facebook Page(s) as an output for the Ripl animation. Any selected accounts will have a turquoise check mark next to them. tap "done" to exit the "select accounts" screen. Don't forget to press the final "share" button in the upper right hand corner to begin uploading your animation to your selected social media networks.