You can share directly to Facebook profiles, Facebook Pages and Groups, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram from Ripl. If you're a Ripl Pro member you can save Ripl posts to your phone's photo app to share elsewhere! Remember, the posting process is a little different for Instagram (see below).

On the final share page, tap the "+" icon next to "share to:" to pull up the "Caption Your Post" screen. Tap the accounts you'd like to share to. Tap "Done" to return to the share screen, where you can add your caption and add or update relevant hashtags. 

Don't forget to press the final "Share" button in the top right to see your animation upload to the social media accounts you've selected. Once the animation has been uploaded, you'll see a one button (you may also launch Instagram, if that was selected). 

Select Accounts Screen 

Share Button:   

Once you've connected your accounts, you'll return to the "Caption Your Post" screen where you can add a caption and add or update hashtags. Click the "Share" button in the upper right corner to complete the sharing process. If you're a Ripl Pro member, you can schedule your post to be shared at a later time by clicking the calendar icon in the lower left corner.


Posting to Instagram

The posting process is a little different with Instagram because they don't allow outside apps to auto post to them. Posts to other social media sites occur on your behalf once you tap "share" (unless you're a Pro subscriber and have scheduled your post for a future date). After you press share to Instagram, you first have to wait for your graphic to finish uploading into your Ripl feed, and then you will see "Launch Instagram" button in the Ripl app. 

When you click "launch Instagram," you'll be taken to Instagram with your photos app open. (iOS users may have to select "feed") Be sure that you're logged into the correct Instagram account prior to tapping "Launch Instagram." Your video or photo will be loaded and your caption has already been copied to the clipboard. Just tap and hold to paste in the caption box and complete your post! 

If you scheduled your post for the future, you'll be notified to complete your Instagram post at the time and Ripl will launch Instagram.

For information on how to change the social media accounts you share to see How to change the social media accounts I'm connected to in Ripl

Ripl Pro allows you to schedule when your posts are published; for more information see What is Ripl Pro

*Note: screenshots show iOS product, but the process is the same