Ripl offers a discounted annual subscription option. Because Apple and Google administer and manage our paid Pro subscriptions, each has a slightly different process to purchase an annual Ripl Pro subscription. 

Android Users:

Please reach out to our support team and let them know you'd like instructions for how to access the annual subscription offer for Android. From the Ripl app, tap the Ripl menu, then "give us feedback," to send an email to the support team.  

iOS / Apple Users: 

The annual offer is available once you've begun a free trial or monthly subscription of Ripl Pro. There are a couple of ways you can change your subscription renewal from monthly to annual. 

The first way is from within the Ripl app. 

  1. Tap the Ripl menu in the upper left corner of the home screen
  2. Then select "Ripl Pro Settings" 
  3. Tap the link at the bottom of the page "Manage Subscription Settings"  
  4. This takes you to Apple's iTunes Manage Subscriptions page where you can select the monthly or annual option. (Apple will display your price and renewal date.)

You can also update a current subscription directly through Apple, which manages your subscription: 

  1. From your device's home page, open iOS"Settings" app, tap "iTunes & App Store"
  2. Tap your Apple ID and “view Apple ID,”  If prompted, enter your password. 
  3. Under "subscriptions," tap "manage"
  4. Tap Ripl and turn on your yearly renewal option (check mark next to it)


Note: If you are currently a Ripl Pro subscriber, the remainder of the current month's subscription will complete before switching your subscription over to an annual model.