You can cancel your Ripl Pro subscription at any time. Most of our paid Pro subscriptions are sold by your phone's platform. As a consequence, they control the customer billing and invoicing functions for all apps with in-app purchase and paid subscription options (such as Ripl Pro).

To cancel your subscription, start by tapping the Ripl menu in the upper left corner of the home screen, then the "Manage Subscription" link at the top. This will take you to a page where you can start the Pro cancellation process. (If you subscribed through Google, make sure your Play Store app is logged into the account you purchased Ripl Pro on before tapping the "Manage Subscription" link. Tap "Manage Subscription" then "cancel.")

Your subscription will end when the current subscription period expires after you have cancelled. Once your subscription ends you will no longer be able to use any Pro designs you previously downloaded. However, your previously created Ripl animated posts will still be active.

Please note, we recommend turning off Automatic Renewal with Google and Apple more than 24 hours before your renewal date if your phone's platform controls the billing payment.

For additional information on cancelling your subscription, please see this article: How do I cancel my Ripl Pro subscription?