Ripl tracks and reports your engagement on each Ripl post. We give you a break down of engagement (likes, comments, clicks) by each social network site. 

Here's a breakdown of the different metrics we report by each social network site. 

Facebook: Likes, Comments and Clicks

Twitter: Re-Tweets, Likes, and Clicks

Instagram: Likes, and Comments

The top right corner of your homepage will have total engagement for all your posts. You can tap to drill into total engagements by social network site. Each post will have a turquoise box in the upper right corner with data from that specific post. If you tap the turquoise box, you'll be shown a detailed view of the engagement. 


Note: If you want to follow up with the people that engaged on your post, you'll need to go to the social network site and check your notifications to comment back or send a private message.