First try typing each character in for your username and password (not using predictive/suggested text). Also make sure there are no extra spaces after your username.

If you see the error message below, please follow these steps to resolve:


1. When the error message "Oops!! Sorry it looks like we had a problem connecting" comes up, click on the link "log off of Instagram here" on this page. 

2. After you've logged out of Instagram within the app then you'll need to close the dialog and connect Instagram within Ripl once more. This should result in you being asked to enter your credentials again which should resolve the problem. 

If that doesn't work to resolve and the error message comes up again, follow these alternative steps below: 

1. On the "oops" error page,  tap the "log out of Instagram here" link. This will log you out of the Instagram website and drop you into the Instagram website login page

2. On this Instagram website page, then scroll down to the "Have an account? Log in" and tap on the "Log in" link 

3. Enter your username and password and then tap the "Log in" button. You should land in the main Instagram website with your feed.

4. Close the webview (back "<" on android, "x" on ios)

5. Tap the "connect" button again. It should open a new web view and automatically try to connect that Instagram account to Ripl.