We noticed you haven’t used Ripl in more than a month and we’d love for you to give it another shot. Since you last used Ripl, there have been many updates to the app experience and our exclusive eye-catching designs. Unfortunately you’re seeing this message because you’ve either uninstalled the Ripl app or you’ve clicked on our offer from a device that doesn’t support apps.

We’re offering you 7 days of Pro status for free -- no credit card required or strings attached!

Re-install or access the app using the following steps to redeem this offer from your mobile device:

  1. Visit your app store from your mobile device to search for and install or update the Ripl app:

    1. For iOS, click here: http://s.ripl.com/iphone

    2. For Android, click here: http://s.ripl.com/android

  2. Open your Mail app and search for the Free Ripl Pro 7 Day offer email.

  3. Click the button within the email to claim the offer.

Note: The link will open the Ripl app and ask you to confirm the offer.

  1. Enjoy Ripl Pro features for a full week! 

We hope you are delighted by all of the new Ripl features and functionality we’re offering to you! Not impressed? Let us know how we can help or what would improve the app by emailing feedback@ripl.com