If we know what business you are promoting we can better tailor the Ripl experience to your needs. If you fall into more than one category, pick the one that you feel is the most similar. 

Local Business - You are a local business if you provide goods or services to a local population. A restaurant, retail boutique, auto shop or yoga studio are good examples. 

Online Business - You are an online business if you are a web based service or product. An Etsy shop owner, ecommerce merchant, or virtual assistant are good examples. 

Professional Service - You are a professional service is you have expertise in a professional field and use that expertise to provide a service. Examples include a realtor, therapist or accountant. 

Nonprofit or Charity - You are a nonprofit or charity if your purpose is creating greater good and not profit based. Examples include an animal shelter, religious group or health charity. 

Community or Group - You are a community or group if you are a group of people with a shared interest or passion. Like a team, club or brand. 

Personal Brand - You are a personal brand if you are promoting yourself. Examples include an author, politician, actor, or social media influencer.