Beta participants can now share a business profile in Ripl with more than one person. With this team feature, up to 10 team members can share logos, colors, fonts, and posts for their business. 


In order to invite a team member, tap the menu then "Business Profile Settings." Scroll to "Team Members" which is flagged as “BETA,” then tap the "+" button next to “Invite Team Member.” Your team members will be invited to join your business. 


Please note, only beta participants will see this feature, and it is available only on iOS and Android. Please make sure you and your team members have the latest version (at least 3.1.34 IOS & 3.1.66 Android) of the Ripl app installed in order to access. We plan to release this on the Web App in the near future. 


If you would like to be invited to participate in this beta release, please contact Customer Support at [].