Usually linking to the incorrect Facebook account happens if there's a Facebook account logged into your mobile web browser. Facebook login tries to be "smart" and will use whatever Facebook account is already logged in. Please follow the steps below to switch to the correct personal Facebook account: 

  1. First disconnect the incorrect Facebook account in the Ripl app by tapping "disconnect" next to Facebook under "Account Settings" 
  2. Go to your Safari/Chrome app, navigate to and log out of any accounts that may be connected (make sure you're not in an incognito browser)
  3. Return to the Ripl app Menu > Account Settings > tap "connect" next to Facebook
  4. If you've properly disconnected the Facebook account from Safari, you should see the option to login with the Facebook app or your phone/email address 

If you're using iOS 11 or 12, please follow the steps outlined below to logout of Facebook: 

  1. Click this link and logout of Facebook (tap the “hamburger” icon in the top right corner, scroll to the bottom and tap log out)
  2. Tap "done" to return to the Ripl app menu
  3. Go to "Account Settings" and tap "connect" next to Facebook. You should see the option to login with your Facebook app or phone/email
  4. If the above doesn't work, please uninstall and reinstall the Ripl app. This should give you the option to login to the correct Facebook