Brand Slide is an experimental feature and is only available on iOS at the moment.

With the new Ripl Brand Slide, previously known as the End Card, you now have the ability to customize your design with your business information. This is a great way to build your branding on Ripl. At the moment, your brand slide includes your Logo and two Taglines. You can also choose your own text color, background color, tagline font and body font. 

Q: Can I choose where in my Ripl design this brand slide will appear?
A: This brand slide will be the last slide of your design.

Q: Can I have a different photo in the brand slide than our business logo?

A: No, the business logo will be used as the photo in your brand slide.

Q: How many brand slides can I make?

A: You can have one brand slide per business profile.

Q: Is this feature available to all users?

A: The brand slide feature is for our Pro subscribers only.

Q: Can I turn off the brand slide?

A: To turn off your brand slide, tap on he menu button, and select "Business profile settings". Under "Build Your Brand With Ripl Pro", there is a toggle you can tap on next to "Include Brand Slide" Once that's turned off you will no longer see the brand slide appear in your designs. Please note that this does not change posts that have been already published.

Q: Is it possible to insert Brand Slide into my static image post?

A: The Brand Slide can only be displayed in videos.

Q: I lost my logo. What do i do?

A:  Contact us at and we can attempt to recover it for you.