Why am I asked to pay for Ripl again?

If you purchase the Ripl subscription and then try to access your Ripl account on another device, there is a possibility that you might be prompted to purchase Ripl again upon accessing the account on this device. Usually, this can happen because you set up another free account in the past, and you have accidentally logged into it now. In this case, you will see the "We saved your account" alert and will be asked to purchase the subscription again for this free account.

In order to log out of the free account and access the paid one, you'll want to do the following.

On your computer, please clear cache and cookie files in your browser and refresh the Ripl tab - this will take you back to the login page of the Ripl app.

On your mobile, please consider removing the app from your device and installing it again from App Store or Google Play - this will guide you through setting up the Ripl app again and will allow you to access the login page in Ripl.

Once you are at the login step, please double-check that you are entering the correct email for the paid account and the relevant password for it.

If anything seems unclear or missing or if the purchase popup persists regardless of the above, please contact us at feedback@ripl.com and we'll be happy to assist you!

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