Facebook Special Ad Category

Facebook ads are prohibited from discriminating against individuals or groups of people, which is why they’ve created the special ad category. These categories are split up into the following groups: Credit, Employment, Housing and Social Issues, Elections or Politics.

When creating an ad under one of these categories, you will have some restrictions in place before you can submit your ad for review.

If you’re not placing an ad under these categories, then no need to worry here!

Below you will see each category explained, along with helpful examples to ensure your ad is categorized correctly.

Credit: Ads promoting or related to any credit opportunities.


  • Credit card offers

  • Auto loans

  • Personal or business loan services

  • Mortgage loans

  • Long-term financing. 

Employment: Ads promoting any employment opportunities.


  • Part-time jobs

  • Full-time jobs

  • Internships

  • Professional certification programs

  • Job promotions

  • Company perks

Housing: Ads that promote any type of housing opportunity. This will impact all Real Estate businesses.


  • Home or Apartment sale listings

  • Home or Apartment Rental listings

  • Homeowners insurance

  • Mortgage insurance

  • Mortgage loans

  • Housing repairs

  • Home equity

  • Appraisal services

Social Issues, Elections, or Politics: Ads related to any government, political candidates, or local social issues that can impact the result of an election or persuade someone's views.


  • A candidate running for public office

  • Political figures and/or parties

  • Elections

  • Referendum

  • Ballot initiatives

  • Any political advertising

  • Social issues where the ad is being placed

You can read more details about Facebook’s Special Ad Category by clicking here.

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