How To Add Music

Ripl offers a variety of music tracks on every template. Each track is completely unique to the Ripl app so you can enjoy royalty-free music options without any copyright issues. You can add music to your post on the Customize step by tapping Music. Tracks will appear in the music picker.


You can also upload your own music by tapping Select from my device at the bottom of the music catalog. 


Things to keep in mind when using your own music: 

  1. We won't display any music that is saved to the cloud. Make sure the tracks you want to use are downloaded to your device. 

  2. Be sure your music does not fall into the category of a DRM track (get more information about DRM tracks) which are not supported in the app due to legal restrictions. 

  3. You are required to own the rights to any tracks you include to avoid infringing on copyright policies.

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