Alignment Guides

Our alignment guides provided for you in each template will help perfect the look of your post!  Check out the different types of guidelines we offer below.

Template Area Guidelines (Purple)
These alignment guides will show up in magenta/purple color and will provide guidance on centering your elements horizontally or vertically to the template area.

When elements are placed near the edges, a purple line will appear to suggest a margin around the template.

Contextual Guidelines (Blue)

These alignment guides will appear when two elements’ (logo, text & other template parts) edges and/or centers are aligned.

If any edge or center of an element is near another edge or center of a different element, a blue line will appear to assist in aligning these elements together.

*Something to note when using this feature: Font layouts and letters are not always uniform, so the lines on text might not always be exactly to the edge of each letter.

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