Text Styles

We have new customizable text options available for you to use in Ripl. You can locate these text options in our templates with extra caption capabilities. You can easily tell if a template supports extra captions by if it has the “Add a text box” button below the Primary and Secondary text.

You can now customize and edit your text on these unique templates in each of the following ways!

To edit your text properties, please select the diamond icon next to the text field you wish to customize. [This feature is currently only available for additional text boxes. Primary and Secondary text are not available to be customized at this time.]

You can select one of our pre-selected text styles such as “Block Filled”, “Quote Text” or “Corner Border” to give your text more flare


Each extra text box gives you the capability to edit the color of the styles and/or text (double color feature to come soon?)


You can personalize each text box with its own font. Ripl will default to the preselected font in the template but you will have the option to customize your captions using this tool.


You can now select between Left aligned, Centered, or Right aligned. There is also an “Auto” selection if you wish the template to control the alignment based on its position.

Select any one of these templates to get started!

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