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A Brand Slide is the end card for your posts that features your logo, tagline and contact information. This article goes over setting up the Brand Slide in the web version of the Ripl app - please see here for the instructions for the mobile Ripl app. 

To toggle the Brand Slide visibility, you'll want to create a new post by clicking on the + button from the Ripl home screen, then click on the "Brand Slide" section at the bottom of the toolbar on the left, and select the switch next to "Show Brand Slide in my post", as seen below. Please note that this setting will persist when you create a new post - if you want the Brand Slide to be shown in your next post, it needs to be enabled anew. 

Frequently asked questions:

Q: Can I have two different logos for my business and for my Brand Slide?

A: No, the Brand Slide will showcase the logo that your business profile has. Changing the logo within the Brand Slide constructor will upload the new logo for the business profile, too.

Q: Can the Brand Slide be located at the beginning or in the middle of my post and not at the end of it?

A: The Brand Slide is basically an end card, and thus it will always be the last slide in your posts. 

Q: Why am I seeing different Brand Slides on the computer and on my mobile device?

A: It might be that you have selected different business profiles on your computer and on your mobile - review this article for more information on this: What Is a Business Profile?

Q: Can I add a media file to the Brand Slide?

A: This feature is designed to display only your logo, tagline, and contact details. Any media files uploaded to your post will be added as a separate slide and not included in your Brand Slide.

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