To connect your social media accounts, tap the Ripl Menu, then "Business Profile Settings." We will automatically pull any Facebook Pages and Groups that are associated with your personal Facebook Account. To connect accounts here, click the "+" button in the Social Media Accounts section. You can also disconnect accounts that you no longer want associated with a business by tapping the “disconnect” button. On the final share screen, you can select which accounts you want to share your Ripl post to. Keep in mind you can also set up different business profiles for your different businesses and social media accounts.

Each network is a little different - here's what Ripl currently supports...


You can connect one personal Facebook account in Ripl at a time. You have the option to share to any Facebook Pages or Groups you manage from the connected personal Facebook account. 


You can connect as many Instagram accounts as you'd like. Instagram doesn't allow auto-posting videos, so follow the prompts to launch Instagram when you wish to share to Instagram. You can directly share to a Business Instagram account on the web app. 


You can connect as many Twitter accounts as you'd like. 


You can connect as many LinkedIn accounts as you'd like. We don't support sharing to LinkedIn Company Pages yet. 


You can connect as many YouTube accounts as you'd like. When sharing to social media, you can share to multiple channels associated with a single account.