Scheduling A Post

When you are done customizing a post, you'll find yourself on the final Caption Your Post screen, where you can add your caption and select where you want to share your post. 

Tapping Schedule Post will allow you to pick a date and time for your post to share. The final Share button should change to Schedule once you've successfully scheduled your post. 

Instagram Personal / Facebook Personal Note: Instagram Personal and Facebook Personal do not allow apps to post videos on your behalf. If you schedule a post to go to your Instagram or Facebook personal timeline, we will send you a notification at your scheduled time to remind you to complete the post. If you have notifications turned off for Ripl, you won't see this prompt! We copy the caption you entered in Ripl, so simply tap the notification to open Ripl, then tap Launch Instagram or Launch Facebook, and you'll be taken directly to the posting screen in the corresponding app. 

Unschedule / Reschedule: You can unschedule or change the scheduled time of a post by navigating to the My posts bottom tab on the home screen and tapping Schedule. Tap on the date that the post is scheduled for and scroll to the bottom of the calendar to tap on the post where you'll see the Change button above the post preview. Tapping on this button will allow for rescheduling the post or unscheduling it, which will move it to the Drafts section.

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