To start a post from scratch, tap the "+" button at the bottom of the welcome screen. On the desktop app you'll be taken directly to the "Customize" step. On mobile, this will pull up the "Create A Post" step, where you can pick your post type and size, as well as add photos and text to be included in your post. 

Post Type: 

You can create a Ripl, share a photo, share a video, or post a status. To select the post type, tap the dropdown at the top next to "Create A" on the "Create" step. 

Post Size:

You can share a square (1:1), vertical (9:16) or landscape (16:9) post with Ripl. You can select your post size by tapping the 3 dots above your keyboard, then selecting the post size above the keyboard on the right side. We recommend using vertical posts for Instagram and Facebook Stories, landscape posts for Facebook Cover Videos, YouTube and LinkedIn and square for sharing across more than one platform. 

Adding Photos:

You can add photos to your post from your OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, Photos app or search Flickr for stock images (iOS only) by tapping "Add photos." 

Adding Text: 

You have the option to add primary or body text. To add body text, tap the three dots above your keyboard, then "add body text." 

Adding A Website: 

If you want to start a post with a website, check out this article about using the "Create Post From A Webpage" field. <LINK TO HOW TO ADD A WEBSITE URL TO YOUR POST>

Once you've picked your post type, size and added text and/or photos, tap the ">" in the upper right corner to proceed to the "Customize" screen where you can customize your post. 

*These steps mostly apply to the mobile apps. For desktop, you won't see this step and will end up on the "Customize" step where you can add photos, text and pick your post size.