Understanding Epidemic Sound's Monetization Rights for Music Content

Epidemic Sound is a platform that provides music for creators to use in their content. When you use music from Epidemic Sound, it's important to know they have the right to monetize that content. To do this, Epidemic Sound will file a copyright claim so that they can monetize the content. Using Epidemic Sound's music does not affect the visibility or quality of your post. Your content remains discoverable and accessible to your audience. 

A subscription to Ripl includes the ability to add a subset of the Epidemic Sound library into your posts but does not give you monetization rights for that music. If you wish to monetize your content or remove the monetization claims that Epidemic has placed on your content, you must subscribe to Epidemic Sound separately. This allows you to use their music without any monetization restrictions.

To learn more about Epidemic Sound, please visit their website here.

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