After customizing your post, you'll end up on the "Caption Your Post" step where you can select where you want to share your post. If you've already connected social media accounts in the menu under "Business Profile Settings," your accounts should be visible to select by tapping the switch on the "Caption Your Post" step. If you haven't connected any accounts, tap "Connect" next to the social media account you want to share to. 

You can share to Facebook Groups, Facebook Pages, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Email & YouTube. The posting process is a little different with Instagram and Email. 

When you select to share to Instagram or Email, you will see a button in the Ripl app to "launch" the Instagram app or your phone's default email app to complete the post. With Instagram we will copy your caption so you can tap to paste the caption once in the Instagram app. 

Keep in mind because of the way Facebook permissions work, in order to share to a Facebook Page or Group, you'll need to connect your personal Facebook account in the Ripl app that has Admin rights to the Page or Group.