Error Message When Trying to Connect Instagram in Ripl: 

If you're seeing an invalid email address or password error when connecting your Instagram account to the Ripl app, first try typing each character in for your username and password (not using predictive/suggested text). Also make sure there are no extra spaces after your username.

Post Getting Cropped on Instagram: 

We recommend using a square post size when sharing to your Instagram profile and a portrait post size when sharing to Instagram Stories. If your post is getting cut off, please ensure you're using the correct post size on the "Create A Post" step. 

Missed Notifications: 

The posting process with Instagram is a little different because they don't let outside apps post on your behalf. When you schedule a post to go out, we will send you a notification at the scheduled time so you can complete your post. Tapping the notification will launch the Ripl app and you'll see a message asking if you want to launch the Instagram app to complete your post. Your caption should be copied so you can quickly paste the caption. 

If you missed the notification, you can always re-share the post from your calendar. If you navigate to the day your post was scheduled for, you should see a red dot indicating the post was missed. Tapping "Resend" will allow you to re-share the post to Instagram. 

Instagram Defaulting to Instagram Stories: 

Samsung and LG devices made a change with default applications. The default application for Instagram may be selected as "Instagram Story" causing you to go into the story posting process each time you tap the "Launch Instagram" button. 

Resetting the default settings under Instagram should help clear the default so you'll be asked if you want to choose between "Instagram" or "Instagram Story" when completing the posting process in Ripl. To reset the default settings for Instagram go to your Settings app > Apps > Instagram > Set as Default > Clear Defaults.

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