Wrong Facebook account is connected to Ripl

If you're experiencing issues with linking to the incorrect Facebook account, it might be because another Facebook account is already logged into your mobile web browser. Facebook login attempts to use the currently logged-in account automatically. To resolve this and switch to the correct personal Facebook account, please follow the steps below:

  1. Disconnect the incorrect Facebook account in the Ripl by tapping Disconnect next to Facebook under Social Media Accounts.
  2. Open your Safari, Chrome, or Firefox app, navigate to www.facebook.com, and log out of any accounts that may be connected.
  3. Return to the Ripl app, select My Posts at the bottom of the screen > Brand Settings > Social Media Accounts > Connect next to Facebook.
  4. If you've properly disconnected the Facebook account from your browser, you should see the option to log in with the Facebook app or your phone/email address.

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