What do I do if my post was flagged for a copyright violation?

Social Media networks respect the copyrights of others, prohibiting the use of posting or transmitting any materials that infringe another party's copyrights. For this reason, most networks have content id systems. These systems are imperfect and occasionally a post will get flagged when you do own the rights to share. 

If you do not own the rights to the music track you included in your post, please remove the video and select music you own the rights to, or you can select a track from our Ripl Music Catalog which you have the right to share freely in your Ripl posts.  

If you do own the rights to the music track, please appeal the claim letting them know you have the rights to share the music track included. If you're using music provided by Ripl, we pay for the rights to the music and for every share that is done by our users so you have the rights to share this track. 

Each social media network notifies you differently, either through notifications or an email. You'll want to follow the steps to appeal the claim by clicking "Appeal" or "Post Video" or "More Options" etc. If you have any issues appealing the claim, please reach out to our Support team by tapping "My Posts", then the Ripl menu, then "Submit a help ticket."

Examples of violation notices: 

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