Ripl was created to empower every small business owner. Our mission is to provide smart, efficient, and effective social media marketing tools to help you grow your small business.

Ripl is the place to create eye-catching social media content, share to all of your social accounts, and track your engagement metrics to measure your success. We offer personalized daily post recommendations and designs that are proven to engage customers on social media. We offer scheduling help so you can efficiently plan your social media posts and get back to your craft.

Ripl is free, and has both a mobile and web app which work together seamlessly. Ripl includes 10 free customizable designer templates. You also have the option to upgrade to Ripl Pro, which gives you access to more features, over 200 templates, more fonts, music and photos, and the ability to schedule your posts. You upgrade to Pro within the app or you can access our discounted annual subscription by clicking this link (pricing varies based on location).

If you are interested in the post creation process, you can check it out on our YouTube channel here or the Ripl blog here.

Ripl is Available For: 

  • iOS devices running 9.0 or higher
  • Android devices running 6.0 or higher
  • Chrome, Safari, & Firefox (We recommend Chrome) 

Ripl Pro Offers: 

  • 200+ Designer Templates
  • Use Your Own Custom Logo
  • Include up to 12 Photos
  • Pick from 150+ Premium Fonts
  • Select from 250+ Music Tracks
  • Use Your Own Music
  • Schedule Your Posts in Advance 

More information on pricing and features of Ripl Pro can be found here.