What is a Campaign?

A Campaign is a curated collection of posts that have a recommended posting schedule. Each Campaign has a theme and a goal to achieve; like gaining brand awareness, follower engagement, etc. With each Campaign, you will customize the posts with suggested ideas that have been provided for you.

How do I enroll in a Campaign?

You will enroll under the Campaigns row first. Once your Campaign has been selected, it will move to the Social Ideas Calendar near the top of your Home screen.

Where can I find my Campaign in the app?

It will be on the recommended date located in your Social Ideas Calendar.

Oops, I accidentally selected the wrong Campaign. How do I remove it?

Go into the Campaign post on the Social Ideas Calendar, select the gear icon at the top right of the Campaign Post screen, then tap “End this Campaign”.

Do I have to wait for the recommended day to create the next post?

No, you can share it immediately or schedule it for a later date.

What if I forget to post on the recommended day?

Don’t worry! The post won’t disappear. It will stay in your Social Ideas Calendar until it has been customized and shared.

Can I enroll in a “Coming soon!” Campaign?

No, it’s not ready for you yet. You can select the “Notify me when available” button to stay updated on the status of that Campaign.

What is the skip feature?

With the Skip feature, you can easily move past a post. This removes it from the ideas calendar and allows the campaign to continue smoothly with the next post. The following post will be adjusted as if you had posted it on the date when the skipped post was originally scheduled.

What is the snooze feature?

Each time you choose to snooze it, the post will be shifted by one day. You have the flexibility to snooze it for as many days as you prefer, enabling you to reschedule it according to your desired timeline. For example, you can snooze it three days later, and it will simply be moved to the corresponding date on your calendar.

Where can I find my previous Campaigns?

If you reached the end of your Campaign, it will be removed from the Social Ideas Calendar and will show up again in the Campaign row. You can enroll in it again if you would like.

Why can't I enroll in a Campaign twice/multiple times?

You can, just not at the same time. Once you finish a Campaign, it will appear again in the Campaign row for you to enroll in again at your leisure.

Are Campaigns bound to a user’s specific business, or to the user’s entire account?

Campaigns are bound to one business.

Are Campaigns associated with Facebook Ads?

No. Campaigns are provided at no additional expense to our Premium subscribers and are completely independent of Facebook Ads.

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