How do I add a QR code to my post?

To add a QR code to our post, please follow the following steps:

1. Click here to open the template
2. Select the "Text" icon on the toolbar located on the right side of your screen
3. Click on the "Add text box" button
4. Under "Additional text boxes" select the diamond icon
5. Under "STYLE" scroll all the way down to the bottom to locate the QR code option
6. Once you select the QR code, you can type in your website or any other link that says "Type your own text" near the top of your screen


What should I enter in the "Type your own text" box?

In the "Type your own text" box, you should enter the website URL or any other link that you want the QR code to direct to. This can be a link to your website, social media profile, or any other online destination you wish to promote.

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