Ripl allows for adding your own videos into your creations. Please note that only one video can be added into a single post.

iOS & Android: In order to add a video, tap the "+" button to open the "Create A Ripl" step and then tap "Add Photos or Video." Once you select a video you'll have the option to trim the video or select a portion of the video to use. The current maximum size is 100MB. With a Ripl Pro subscription you can select a video up to 60 seconds, whereas free users will be able to select a 30 second video. Once you tap the ">" or "Done" to proceed to the "Customize" step, all the designs under "More Designs" will support adding video.

Web App: In order to add a video, click the "+ Let's Start Something New" button on the main "Inspire" tab. Once you're on the "Customize" screen, you will want to click on "Media" to select your video. After your video is loaded you can click on "More Designs" to find all of the supported templates. If you see "Add Photos" the design you have currently selected does not support video. If you change the design, you should see "Add Media" and that indicates the design supports adding video. 

The supported formats at this time are .mp4, .avi, .mkv, .mov and .3gp. Please reach out to "" if you run into any issues with other formats.