How do I create a Static image on the web?

To save time and diversify your content, you can now quickly choose “Static” on the “Customize” step. This option is great for when you want to create images that do not move.

To create a static image, select a template on the home screen or the plus button to reach the “Customize” step where you can tap the toggle at the bottom of your post preview to static or animation. Once you select the static option, you will no longer see the play button or the controls that apply only to animations.

Other things to note:

  • Music and Brand Slide (only on mobile) will be greyed out once Static is selected. If the template you are using has the Animation, Transition, Speed or Countdown controls those will be greyed out in Static as well.
  • When a video is added, the first frame after one second is selected and used as your Static image.

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