Why isn't my Facebook Page showing up in Ripl?

First, please be sure you're the Admin of any Facebook Pages you want to connect. Because of the way Facebook permissions work, we can only publish on your behalf to Pages that you are the Admin of. 

In addition to being Admin of the Page, Ripl needs permission from Facebook to manage your Pages. It's best to give Ripl permission to manage "All Pages" in Facebook. Otherwise new Pages created in Facebook and Pages not initially granted permissions will not be visible in Ripl. To correct this, please follow the instructions below. 

1. Open your Facebook app
2. Select the "More" button (three line icon) in the bottom right corner
3. Select "Settings & Privacy," then "Settings" (it is near the bottom)
4. This should lead to a new window. 
5. Go to "Business Integrations," and remove Ripl

1. Go to www.facebook.com and make sure you're logged into the account that is connected in Ripl
2. Click the small down arrow in the upper right corner, then "Settings" 
3. On the left hand menu, click "Business Integrations"
4. Remove Ripl 

Once you have completed the steps above on either your mobile app or on your computer, return to Ripl and tap the Ripl menu, then "Business Profile Settings" and tap "Connect" next to your Facebook Page or Group. Do you now see the option to select your missing Page or Group? If not, please reach out to our support team on feedback@ripl.com, and we'll continue troubleshooting.

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