How do I connect my Instagram?


Types of Instagram Accounts

You can connect both your personal and business Instagram accounts to Ripl, but sharing capabilities differ between the two types. For business Instagram accounts, you can schedule and publish posts directly from Ripl to your Instagram business account. For personal Instagram accounts, Instagram doesn't allow direct publishing, so you will need to follow prompts in the Ripl app to launch Instagram when you wish to share to your personal account.

Instagram Personal (iOS/Android Only)

How to connect

To connect your Instagram as a Personal account, please tap on Connect next to Instagram Personal on either the Social Accounts or Share Screen and then enter your Instagram Credentials.

  1. Tap on the mobile menu (3 gray lines in the upper left corner of the Ripl home screen).
  2. Select the Social Media Accounts section.
  3. Tap on Connect next to Instagram Personal.
  4. In the prompt that appears, enter your Instagram credentials and finish the connection process.

What does this Instagram connection do for me?

The Instagram Personal connection method allows you to connect an Instagram account of any type, be it a Personal, Business, or Creator account.

Unlike Instagram Business (see below), this method does not require your Facebook account to be connected to Ripl.

Connecting your Instagram using our Instagram Personal integration implies that the process of sharing to Instagram has to be finished manually by tapping the Launch Instagram button, as seen below.

If you schedule a post to be shared to Instagram at a certain time, you will receive a notification at that time that takes you to the Launch Instagram button in the Ripl app

Upon clicking Launch Instagram, your video or image should show up in Instagram from your camera roll, and your caption should have been copied to your clipboard so you can paste it right into the caption box and send out your post.

Instagram Business

How to connect

For Ripl to recognize your Instagram Business account, you'll want to make sure that you have connected your Facebook Personal account to Ripl. Also, you will need a Facebook Page that you manage to be connected as well.

To connect an Instagram Business account to Ripl, follow the steps from this article in the Ripl blog. If any issues arise connecting your Instagram Business account to the Ripl app, please reach out to our Support Team at

What does this Instagram connection do for me?

Share to Feed

Automatically posting to Instagram has arrived on all platforms! Similar to most of our other integrations, our new Instagram Business integration allows you to schedule and automate posts to your Instagram Business Feed. In order to share to your feed, make sure to use a Square or Landscape post.

Share to Stories (iOS/Android Only)

Ripl now allows you to share to your Instagram Business Stories on our mobile app. If you select to share a post to Stories, you'll want to ensure that it is recorded in the "tall" format (follow this link to know more about the post formats); otherwise, the app will not allow it to be posted into Stories. For more information on this feature, please see this article in our FAQ section: Sharing to Instagram Business Stories FAQ

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