Epidemic Sound

We have paired up with Epidemic Sound to bring you new and improved music!

To use the music tracks from Epidemic Sound, you will need to select the Music tab located on the left side of the Customize screen. Under the Music tab, you will find a list of preselected tracks for you to use in your post. If you are wanting to see a wider selection of music, please select Connect account next to Music by Epidemic Sound at the bottom of the Customize screen.


Can I use a retired track that is in a previous post or draft?

No. When you duplicate a post or edit a draft that has music from our previous contract, your post will no longer have audio and you will be asked to select a new one.

The tracks from our previous contract are now considered retired and will no longer be available.

How do I get more music through Epidemic Sound?

You can select “Connect account” next to “Music by Epidemic Sound” at the bottom of the Customize screen. Once you’ve been launched to Epidem Sound’s website, you can create an account with them and subscribe to one of their plans. You can also visit their website by clicking here.

Can I upload my own music?

Yes! You can upload your own music by clicking “Select from my device” at the bottom of the music catalog.

Things to keep in mind when using your own music: 

  1. We won't display any music that is saved to the cloud. Make sure the tracks you want to use are downloaded to your device. 

  2. Be sure your music does not fall into the category of a DRM track (get more information about DRM tracks) which are not supported in the app due to legal restrictions. 

  3. You are required to own the rights to any tracks you include to avoid infringing on copyright policies.

What if I don’t want any music on my post?
No problem! Simply select “No Audio” near the top of the “Customize” screen.

Can I add multiple music tracks to my post?
No. We have one music track per post limit.

Which platform can I access Epidemic Sound on?
Currently, our Epidemic Sound music tracks are only available on Ripl for web and the iOS mobile app. We are currently working to get these music tracks available for you on the Android mobile app!

If you have any questions about Epidemic Sound, you can visit their Help Center here.

As always, please feel free to send an email to Ripl Customer Support at feedback@ripl.com.

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