We are excited to announce our new Stock Media Pro feature! We've partnered with Shutterstock to provide you with new premium media. This feature provides 500K+ photos and videos to make your designs look more professional and appealing!

As a Pro user, you will have access to this cross-platform feature (Android, iOS & Web.)

Stock Media on iOS & Android: Navigate to the "Customize" screen then select "Media." You'll then see the option for "Stock Media" at the bottom of your screen. After tapping "Stock Media", you will have the option to use our search bar to find stock media. Make sure to use specific keywords to narrow down the results. Be sure to tap between "Photos" and "Videos" to see all of your options!

Stock Media on the Web App: Navigate to the "Customize" screen then select "Media." You'll notice the "Search Stock Media" bar. This is where you can type in keywords for the images or videos you're wanting to use!

Key Features:

  • 12 photos and 1 video limit
  • Access 500,000+ images and 90,000+ videos created by professionals to enhance your design quality
  • Easily find relevant content from search and filter

Stock Media Terms of Use:

  • Content is for digital use only, originating from Ripl. Content cannot be used for print purposes. 
  • You may not use the content as a trademark for a business.
  • You may not portray a person in a way that may be offensive, including: in connection with adult-oriented services or ads for dating services; in connection with the promotion of tobacco products; in connection with political endorsements; with pornographic, defamatory, unlawful, offensive or immoral content; and as suffering from, or being treated for, a physical or mental ailment.
  • You may only use the content in campaigns and content created on Ripl.

*You can also refer to our Ripl Terms of Use https://www.ripl.com/terms-of-use/